On Repeat - A New Series

It's only fitting that I kick off Blush + Soul with a post about music. After all, music was the first thing I ever referred to as "food for the soul", and it really is. It speaks to me in a way other forms of communication just can't...you know what I'm saying?

So, I thought I'd start this series...'On Repeat', where I share a few songs that I've been listening to over and over. I haven't decided if these will be bi-weekly, or monthly, so let me know how often you'd like to see me post new music. Ok, ok-- lets get into the songs!

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JAMES BAY - Hold Back The River
I have been LOVING James Bay lately! He is a fairly new artist with his debut album (Chaos And The Calm) coming out March 2015. 'Hold Back The River' is off the album and it is perfection to my ears.

IVAN B - The Miles Between
He is an amazing writer and artist. He's a teenager trying to make it that I found on SoundCloud. This was the right song at the right time, the lyrics hit home and I haven't be able to stop listening yet. I like his other songs too.

Ok, another James Bay song, but it's the one that got me! This song turned me into a fan. It's mainly just him and a guitar, and man is it beautiful. This is also on the new album. It's a little sad, but beautiful nonetheless.

BAHAMAS - All The Time
This song is a sit back, relax, and chill type of song. The guitar is my favorite part of the song. I listen to this when I'm stressed, blogging, relaxing, and it's just one of those good ones.

Up We Go is definitely the most upbeat of the 5 songs. It's a feel good song with a catchy beat. It's also the only female vocalists I have on the list. Give it a listen.

Well, what'd you think, did you find any new favorites? James Bay is obviously my favorite, I really think he will become much more well known this year, I'm calling it now. I hope I introduced you to at least one new artist/song that you can add to your playlist.

Tell me a song that you've had on repeat, I'd love to know.

Emily May

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