Beauty Backup - For Those "Oh No!" Moments

Have you ever been out in public and something not-so-great happens? You chip a nail, your contact falls out, you get food in your teeth (--stupid broccoli), or the start your period unexpectedly? Yeah, we're gettin' personal. Well if you're anything like me, you've experienced more than one of those "oh no!" moments (and probablyyyy more than once if we're being honest). So today I'm taking you through my 'beauty backups' that live in my purse, ready to save me at a moments notice from those dreadful mishaps. 

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1. Tissues
For obvious reasons, but if you've ever sneezed in public and it wasn't a "clean" sneeze, and you suddenly have a hand or sleeve full of....well, you know what I'm getting at. Basically, you never know when you'll need a tissue. 

2. Glasses
This one isn't for everyone, but I have horrible, horrrrrible vision, and if one of my contacts rips, falls out, etc, I'll have my glasses at least. I've since started carrying a back up pair of contacts too.

3. Small Nail Kit
This is a given, and has come in handy several times. This little flip flop nail kit was a gift years ago and has lived in my purse ever since. It comes with clippers, a file, scissors (which comes in handy for lot's of things (hanger straps anyone??), and a cuticle cutter. Here is one I found at target for only $5.00.

4. Rollerball Perfume
I like to keep a fragrance with me at all times. Never know when you'll need a refresher or if you ever forget to spritz your perfume on at home. This is the MAC Turquatic Rollerball, which just so happens to be my signature fragrance. 

5. Gum / Mint
I have been a gum chewer ever since I was a little girl. That, and bad breath is just a no, so I like to keep gum or mints on me at all times.

If you've never tried the Colgate Wisp before, it's such a neat little product. A disposable toothbrush with no water or rinsing needed, Seeing as I'm always paranoid when it comes to food in my teeth, these are a must have.

7. Lotion
Not only in the winter months, but all year long I like to keep a small lotion in my bag for my hands, elbows, or anywhere that needs a little moisture.

8. Eye Drops
This is another one that probably isn't for everyone, but for someone with very dry eyes + being a contact wearer, these can save me from my misery most days!

9. Lip Balm
This isn't exactly a product for an "oh no!" moment, but is a necessity to say the least. I can't go anywhere without lip balm. The Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm has been my favorite for the last several months. This is my second tube.

10. Dramamine / Pain Reliever
Most people will probably go for the pain reliever over the Dramamine, but I get motion sickness very easily so any time I fly or go on long drives, I like to have this handy.

11. Band Aid
Paper cuts, hang nails, cover a small tattoo momentarily/on the spot...whatever the case may be, having a band aid is always a good thing. (Even if someone else is in need of it)

12. Tampon
This one's pretty self explanatory. Never wan't to have the worst type of "oh no!" moment and start unexpectedly and being without one. And same as above, even if you end up giving it away, it's good to always have at least one with you.

Here are a couple of other things that I like to keep for 'just in case' situations:
-- travel sized deodorant
-- blotting sheets
-- a brow pencil
-- portable phone charger

What are some of your beauty backups that you keep in your purse?

Emily May

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