Bloglovin' + Why You Should Be Using It

If you're new to the blogging community, as a reader, writer, or in many cases-- both, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, Bloglovin'

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If you're completely unfamiliar, Bloglovin' is a blog reader site that makes following & reading blogs easy and enjoyable. Before starting my blog I was using it for keeping up with all of my favorite blogs, now I use it to promote my own blog as well. 

Reason #1
All the Blogs You Love in One Place

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If you're really into blogging and reading blogs, your "bookmark bar" can get real crowded, real quick. Bloglovin' takes care of that for you, allowing you to follow tons of blogs and scroll through what's called your "feed" with ease. 

Reason #3
Search Your Interests

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You can find new blogs to follow based on your specific interests. Meaning others can discover YOUR blog searching their interests. Categories include everything from beauty, design, film & books, lifestyle, fashion, and so many more.

Reason #2
Promote and Expose Your Blog

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If you're a new blogger, or a blogger looking to expand readership and exposure, Bloglovin' is the step to take. It exposes your blog to readers that may have never found it otherwise. In a very clean, picture-focused way, I might add.

Reason #4
Save Your Faves

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Bloglovin' allows you to 'heart' specific posts that then get saved and can be accessed from your profile to refer back to them easily. Reminds me of pinterest in that way.

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Reason # 5
Bloglovin' Does The Work For You

BLOGGERS, this one is specifically for you, ok? I'm telling you, it's effortless! Bloglovin' automatically uploads your posts as they go live on your actual website, NO WORK INVOLVED! With already promoting your blog on multiple social media sites, this is an answered prayer, right? (haha!)



Besides the 5 I mentioned above, there are other features you'll appreciate too. So, whether you're a reader or a blogger, Bloglovin' is a goood thing, yall!

So if you haven't already, go on over and create a profile so you can start making your blogging experience easier & better! Check it out.
Don't forget, you can follow B+S on there too. Thanks in advance! 

I hope you've enjoyed the first week of Blush + Soul and are excited for what's to come!

Emily May

Balancing superficial love and food for the soul. // LIFE + STYLE + BEAUTY