Hidden Gems - NYX Retractable Waterproof Liners

Today I'm back with my 2nd installment of the 'Hidden Gems' series. If you missed the introductory post, you can read it here. Basically, I show you products that I don't see super hyped up on social media and in the blogging world that I feel deserve some attention and credit. Oh, and they are (most of the time) cost friendly - yay! Let's get into it, shall we?


I was browsing the NYX section in Ulta, as we do, and these retractable, waterproof liners caught my eye. The packaging is slim, lightweight and color coordinates with the specific shade of the liner. There was a nice selection of colors for both eyes and lips. I originally picked out lots of shades, but since this girl is on a budget, I talked myself out of it and I left the store with 3 lip liners, and 1 eye liner. That's an accomplishment for me!

I narrowed it down to colors I felt I needed in my professional kit, in case these turned out to be really good. And what do you know, these are actually really good liners. With the price being $4.49 they're basically unbeatable. The color payoff, the longevity, the range of colors, and overall quality meet my standards, and I would feel confident stocking them in my professional kit.

L to R: Hot Pink, Gray, Sienna, Nude

L to R: Hot Pink, Gray, Sienna, Nude

When applying these liners, they go on super smooth and feel creamy. I did feel the red liner (sienna) was a tad softer/creamier than the others. As you can see below on the left, I smeared each swatch right after applying. I was very impressed, as most all liners will smear fairly easily right after application, but the only one that really smeared much was the red, which I figured would happen since the texture felt a little different. 

The picture on the right is after about 5 minutes of setting and then I went to the faucet to test the waterproof claim. I used cold water and really rubbed the liners, actually trying to smear them. You can see the red liner was really the only one that budged (and it still wasn't that bad). So given a few minutes to set and these aren't going anywhere. 

>>> click image to view larger <<<

>>> click image to view larger <<<

Overall, I am so pleased with these and will definitely be going back for more. The 'nude' is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love to fill my whole lip in with it and put on a sheer moisturizing lipstick over it, for the perfect everyday lip. If you don't liver near an Ulta, they have free shipping on orders $50 or more, so go have a look! Shop LIPS >>> EYES.

I really am loving this series and can't wait to bring you more, let me know if you like them too.

If you have any 'hidden gem' products of your own, I'd love to know! Comment me below.

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