On Repeat | 002

I'm so happy to be back with the 2nd post in my series 'On Repeat'. Where I share music I've been listening to basically on repeat for however long. I actually launched Blush + Soul with this series, see it here. Music is, and always has been, such an influence & big part of my life. So today I'm sharing 5 songs I've been loving lately. (Sorry for the cracked phone, it's being replaced soon! haha)

THE WOMBATS - Greek Tragedy
This is a song that I can listen to in the car, on a sunny day, windows down, just driving. There's something about it that makes me want to belt it out. Upbeat, feel good song.


BAHARI - Wild Ones
It's not often I find a female vocalist that I truly like and enjoy their music, but something about this song is so relaxing and soothing to me. The song (to the left) only plays for 1:30, but you can hear all the reasons I love it in that amount of time.


SEINABO SEY - Younger (Acoustic)
Well, maybe I should take back my female vocals statement I made above. Here is another song by a female that speaks to me, especially the acoustic version. A song we can all relate to, I think. *I couldn't find the acoustic version on Soundcloud*


G-EAZY ft. DEVON BALDWIN - Let's Get Lost
This song is more on the hip hop/rnb side and has some explicit lyrics/language (just FYI). I really like this song for the beat and the chorus that Devon sings. A soothing kind of beat that had me hooked, give it a listen. G-Eazy reminds me of Ivan B, that I had in my first On Repeat post.


THE LUMINEERS - Stubborn Love
Their voices and sound of music is something I could listen to forever. This is a song that was mentioned by a friend at her bridal shower and the name 'Stubborn Love' got me. I came home and looked it up, been listening to it ever since.

That about wraps it up, a bit of a random group this time, but hopefully you found at least one new song to add to your playlist.

Let me know what song you are loving at the moment, I'm always looking for new artists & music to listen to.

Emily May

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