Easing into Spring - Peach + Mint Nails

Happy March, y'all! I'm sorry I took a little (ok, major) hiatus from blogging the last month. I have no real excuse besides the fact that my long distance boyfriend came to town and I just couldn't pull myself away to work, forgive me? Pretty soon that won't be a problem ;). Any who, I'm back at it today and feeling so inspired as the seasons begin to change. With Spring fast approaching, I've started to pull out my favorite colors to wear on my nails, peachy corals and mint greens.

Peach + Mint Nails // Blush + Soul


MAC - Pep, Pep, Pep
Sally Hanson - Peach of Cake
L'OREAL - Tangerine Crush


Sally Hanson - Barracuda
Essie - Mint Candy Apple
L'OREAL - Club Prive

Pictured: Sally Hanson - Peach of Cake

Peach + Mint Nails // Blush + Soul

The Sally Hanson - Peach of Cake is a peach lovers dream. Seriously, the color is perfection. Not to mention, the Sally Hanson polishes are probably some of my favorite to own. Everything from the wear, the formulation, and the shape of the brush make Sally Hanson one of the best.

What are your go-to Spring nail picks?

Emily May

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