Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

Valentine's day is fast approaching and I know this day is usually centered all around us, girls. But I think it's always nice to show our guys some extra love and appreciation on this day too. So I've put together a last minute gift guide dedicated to that special guy in your life. Even getting a card and some candy is a nice, sweet gesture, and probably unexpected. But if you do want to treat them to a little something more any of these would be a great idea.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him || Blush + Soul

1. Urban Outfitters / Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Brief 2 pack / $30
I don't know about you but I love Calvin's. I really want some of my own, but since this is about the fellas, you can opt for this comfy and classic pair for him. This little duo is a perfect gift for your man and easy on your wallet too.

2. Urban Outfitters / Patagonia Lightweight Merino Crew Sock / $22
I would think almost any guy could use another pair of socks. They probably rarely buy them and do as little laundry as possible, haha! Plus these are lightweight, and fashionable. Great gift if you are looking for something small, affordable, and fool proof. Throw in his favorite chocolates and you're golden.

3. Sephora / Dior Sauvage Cologne / $72-$89
Cologne is a pretty typical gift for guys, but on a day of love, what better gift to give than one that will make your guy smell so. good. Sauvage is a fairly new scent Dior has released and I love how it smells. But feel free to get your guy his favorite scent, or introduce him to what may become his new signature scent.

4. Sephora / Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel / $38
This is a great gift to give your hunny because let's face it, most guys don't take care of their skin like us girls do. This hydrating gel is a perfect pick because it does so much! It's lightweight in texture, hydrates and brightens the skin while minimizing pores instantly and over time. Perfect place to start for a guy just getting into skincare. He'll thank you later.

5. MVMT Watches / The 40 Blue+Brown Leather / $120
Jewelry is always a popular gift on V-day, so why not treat your man to a nice piece too? I love MVMT for their simple, classic designs, high quality materials, and a reasonable price point. Definitely check them out if you haven't, your man wont be disappointed.

6. Moorea Seal / Sawyer Sunglasses / $32
I discovered Moorea Seal through her '52 Lists Project' book, but after browsing through her site I seriously fell in love. And these sunnies are affordable, classic, and a non-predictable gift. Sure to make your man smile. After all, Spring is fast approaching and these would be a perfect staple in your guys wardrobe.

How do you and yours celebrate Valentine's Day? What are your plans?



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