Happy New Year - 2015 Reflection

--Happy New Year, Y'all--

First thing's first. I have to ask...is anyone as excited as I am to have the figurative "clean slate" each new year brings? You know the one I'm talking about...that "reset button", "fresh start", "leave that sh*t in the past" type of clean slate. The one that says, "Okay Self, let's do this, let's make things happen!"

I've never been more ready to start a new year and have that fresh start feeling. 2015 was hard y'all-- definitely my most challenging year yet. Even still, with those challenges came triumphs, fears conquered, lessons learned, & memories made. So before wiping my slate clean for 2016 I'm going to reflect on the previous year by sharing my Best Moments, Best Successes, & Best Lessons of 2015.


MOMENTS-- Love, Adventure, Family

<< Meeting Johnny
<< Traveling
<< Turning 25
<< Blush + Soul launch

<< Seeing 2 great friends get married
<< Seeing Clayton Jennings preach
<< Fleetwood Mac concert

<< Family Vacation in Savannah, GA
<< First time in Los Angeles, CA
<< Falling in love with this guy


SUCCESSES-- Freelance, L.A., Hooters, Fashion

<< Deciding to be completely freelance
<< Local Newspaper feature
<< Having a Professional Website
<< Busiest wedding season in my career

<< Working in L.A.
<< Behind the scenes on L.A. shoot
<< Assisting on an amazing editorial shoot
<< Working with other amazing creatives

<< Seeing my work on Hooters IG
<< Working in Vegas with Hooters
<< Prepping girls for Pageant events
<< Working with Kathy Moberly & team for the Miss Hooters International Pageant

<< Doing makeup and hair for Noteably Nashville event
<< Working backstage
<< Seeing my model kill it on the runway
<< Doing makeup on beautiful faces



Picture pulled from Pinterest

Picture pulled from Pinterest

<< Let go of things not meant for you.

<< Trust in the Lord, His plan is greater than yours.

<< Judge people for who they are, not who they promise to be.

<< Love Jesus first, the rest will fall into place.

<< Let go of one-sided friendships.

<< Realizing and accepting that I am an introvert,

<< If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

<< Walk away from toxic people and situations.

<< Stop apologizing for who I am.

<< I am in charge of my happiness.

<< Your perspective can change everything.

<< BALANCE is key.



Reflecting back on 2015, it was a very important year for me. I learned some hard lessons, met a few amazing people, and made some unforgettable memories. Had lots of firsts, a couple of lasts, and really came into my own this past year. I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring, I'm hoping for lots of new adventures, challenges, and happiness. Wishing each of you a wonderful start to your new year filled with love and happiness.

Tell me what some of your best moments, successes, and lesson were for 2015. What do you hope for in 2016?