My 2016 Word of the Year

Well, we are officially in 2016 and I honestly feel SO good about it. I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of 2016 and decided to have a word focus to guide me throughout the upcoming year. I've seen several of these post floating around the blogosphere and decided to start this little tradition of my own.


Balance: having the right amount — not too much or too little — of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness.

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This year, I will seek balance:

Blush + Soul sort of came about because of my need for balance. Balancing my superficial love with things that feed my soul. No longer being solely focused on beauty and makeup, but topics that have depth and open the mind & heart. It was honestly very important for my sanity and well-being.

I have always struggled with going to the gym and remaining consistent in my workouts, much less eating healthy. This year I'm determined to find a happy balance of exercise and healthy eating without feeling like I'm depriving myself. Just like the saying goes, everything in moderation right? Plus, I just want to feel good!

Balancing my emotions, my goals, my heart, & my social life. In so many aspects of our lives balance is key for success and happiness. This year I plan to live out this word that truly inspired Blush + Soul from the beginning and will become a word I look to throughout this year as a sort of daily mantra to live by.

Not too little, and not too much...it's all about balance, y'all.

Do you have a focus word for 2016? Tell me about it & what it means for you.