I can't believe it guys, it is officially 2018 and wow, the years go by faster and faster don't they?! 2017 was a year of growth for me in a lot of ways. Specifically speaking, my approach in the beauty realm changed drastically. I became more minimal (well, minimal for a beauty junkie) in my makeup routine with an emphasis on skin/skincare. I also babied my hair this year to nurse it back to life. From my signature lip, to my go to fragrance, and the hair products I couldn't live without, I'm sharing all the beauty products that got me through 2017 and ones I will most definitely be carrying over into the new year...

2017 FAVES : beauty 3.png


Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer / Literally wore this as foundation on most days. It's so good and doesn't crease under the eye. If you're dry or have texture try this one!

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals + Glow Time BB Cream / Mix these two for the perfect coverage and glow. It looks like your skin, but better. A little excessive I know, but trust me on this one.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base / I call this magic powder, because it is! Mineral based, full coverage, but still glow-y. Basically- all things YES!

Therapy Systems Bronzer in Key West / From a brand local to Tennessee, this bronzer is the perfect amount of warmth + coolness. Perfect for sculpting the face. (Most similar to Nars Laguna, but more affordable).

Kevyn Aucoin Exotique Eye Gloss in Moonlight / If you aren't new here you've probably seen/heard me go on and on about this stuff. I practically replaced eye shadow with this eye gloss. It's a staple.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop / Can't ever go without highlight. This one is the literal perfectionnn. Pretty suitable for all skin tones too, yay!

MAC Extended Play Mascara / The tiniest mascara brush for precise application. Wears like a waterproof, but is easily removed with warm water and washcloth. I loveee this one!

MAC Lipstick in Creme De Nude / My signature lip, you will rarely find me in anything else. The finish is creamy and also the first lipstick I ever bought from MAC. Oldie but goodie, this one is.

MAC Lipstick in Fleshpot / Similar to Creme De Nude, this lipstick is a perfect nude when I want to pale down my lips a little more. Satin finish so it wears a little longer, FYI.

Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in Spice / Basically the only lip liner I wore this year. Works perfect with the two lipsticks mentioned above and lots of other neutral tones. Jane Iredale is all natural, so...bonus!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush / I can't say enough good things about Real Techniques brushes. The bristles are synthetic and blend makeup like a dream! This one particularly is my go-to foundation brush. Drugstore FTW.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush / Marketed for eye shadow but amazing for buffing in concealer on the face & eyes. (Only available in the set).




MAC Cleanse Off Oil / The only cleanser I use to remove makeup. Simply the best, and I've tried lotssss.

Avène Thermal Spring Water / Anyone can use (and benefit from) this facial spray. Healing, refreshing, soothing, basically a miracle product.

Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream / Lightweight, reduces darkness + puffiness, and actually works. #staple

Omorovicza Illuminating Moisturizer / Following suit, this has been the only moisturizer I've reached for in 2017, it's lightweight but fit for normal/dry skin types.

Kat Burki Hand Therapy / This smells so good, you guys. Besides that it's packed full of oils and vitamins with a non-greasy finish (a must!).

OPI - It's in the Cloud / White nails became a staple for me this year. It looks great in photos and goes with everything. This one's the perfect tone, no "white out" vibes over here. 

Burberry Women Eau De Parfum / Another one that is probably not very surprising. Johnny picked this one out for me and surely enough it became my signature scent this past year (I just got a brand new bottle if that tells you anything).


Best of 2017 / My favorite Beauty Products


Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash & Rinse / The smell alone is enough to buy + use this shampoo and conditioner honestly. Butttt, I buy this because of it's densifying properties. I have really fine hair, so any boost in density/volume is a +++ for me (but really guys, the smell is sooo good!).

R+Co Hive Dive Moisture Cream / I use this from mid-shaft to ends on damp hair. It's an extra boost of hydration for dry hair and keeps my hair smooth and shiny. It smells pretty dang good too.

Kevin Murphy Body Mass / It was obviously a Kevin Murphy year for this gal over here, but I truly love their products so much. No parabens, no sulfates, and the options are endless. Body Mass works in the same system as the Plumping Wash/Rinse, but this is a concentrated treatment for density at the roots. I never forget this step.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle / OK you guys, if you haven't tried this product, you must! It is formulated for oily hair types and when applied the night before I wake up with freshly washed looking hair. AMAZING, I tell you!

Oribe Dry Texture Spray / Pretty much the only dry styling product I need. Adds texture to the hair without being sticky. It has a cult following for the scent too.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray / The best medium hold hair spray around (IMO)! Lightweight enough to not weigh fine hair down, but just enough hold to keep your style throughout the day.

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel / One of the best blonde conditioning treatments I've tried. I use this maybe once a week to keep the brassiness at bay. Leave it on longer for extra toning.


That about wraps it up for my year of all things beauty. Share with me your top beauty picks of 2017, what should I try in 2018? (2018...so weird to type that out.) I hope you all had a happy new year and are feeling fresh, motivated, and determined to build the life you dream of. I would love to know what you want to see more of on Blush + Soul this upcoming year. Leave me a comment below and tell me what type of blog posts you love seeing/reading. I would so, so appreciate that. Love you guys!


My 2017 Word of the Year

Here we are, another year come and gone and started again. Gosh-- Time, it really doesn't ever slow down does it? So, 2017, how ya doing?? I've brought an upper respiratory infection into this new year (ugh), so I didn't have my normal excitement/"clean slate" feeling that comes with each new year. But, I have been thinking about what I hope to achieve and work towards this upcoming year.

2017 Word of the Year | Blush + Soul
2017 Word of the Year | Blush + Soul


1. to hold someone in your arms as a way of expressing love or friendship.
2. to accept or support willingly and enthusiastically.

This year, I want to embrace:

For me, 2017 is all about the love. Life is way too short not to show the people you love that you cherish them. Hug them, spend time with them, make memories with them. This year, I'm loving harder, y'all.

So much of happiness is accepting. Accepting situations and people for what & who they are. If we spend all our time fighting and questioning what is, we will never find happiness. I want to continue working on embracing my journey good & bad, trusting in God's plan for my life.

This year brings with it a lot of new changes and comfort zone breaking. Thing's I'll share with you as they come. I find myself feeling insecure and afraid, but in 2017 I'm choosing to welcome these changes, embrace them, and grow from them.

Life is one unpredictable, beautiful adventure, and this year I've decided to embrace every little bit of it!

DO you have a word of the year? What are your aspirations for 2017?