New in Commodity // Bath Bars + The Storybook

A little backstory--
If you haven't heard of Commodity, allow me to introduce you... A new fragrance brand, launched only in 2013, that creates unisex scents made to layer (or wear on their own) that are uniquely brilliant and smell amazing. Already located in Sephora's across the US + several other countries, if you haven't tried them, do yourself a favor and go spritz yourself ladies + gents.

I found out about them through Instagram last year and was immediately intrigued. Book, Wool, Rain... they all sound kind of dreamy right? (They are). Soon after, I went into Sephora and picked up the 'Cocktail Kit' which included mini's of the white & black collections to try them all, and well, the rest is history. Commodity has become a go-to for creating my signature scent (currently: Wool + Magnolia) and with as many different ways to layer them all, I don't see an end in sight to this love affair.

Now, they're chasing after my heart even more with the introduction of Bath Bars. Can you say, yes please??



"We believe fragrance today is an extension of ourselves"

"It defines you. It tells your story without words."

BathBars* & The Storybook* //

Commodity has officially crossed over into body products with the launch of two scented Bath Bars,  Tonka and Orris. The Bath Bars are triple milled, vegetable based, and blended with various oils & butters that create a hydrated and clean feel. I particularly love how my body is left with no residue and I feel "squeaky clean" after rinsing off. I'm seriously enjoying my bathing experience these days.

Bath Bar: $28/each

Lastly, Commodity has come out with the perfect solution to creating your very own signature scent. The Storybook features all 15 scents in 1.5ml mini bottles. It features the newest Platinum Collection, along with the classic White and Black Collections as well. What more could we ask for than a chance to try each of their scents to find our very own perfect combination without the big investment? Love this concept!

storybook: $30

I've never received so many compliments on my fragrance than when I'm wearing Commodity. With endless possibilities for creating a unique scent for any given occasion, and now with their bath bars-- it's just so good, y'all. And did I mention their products are made in the USA? Bonus!