2017 Winter Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials 2017

It's about that time, y'all-- cooler temps, cozy sweaters, and all the hot chocolate you can drink (extra marshmallows for me, please)-- the winter season is coming and I couldn't be happier about it. But the actual reason I'm here is because when the seasons change so do my beauty needs. Today I'm sharing my minimalist guide to winter beauty essentials. Now get cozy, grab a cup of cocoa and read on...

Fall Beauty Essentials 2017
Fall Beauty Essentials 2017

hair // ORIBE Thick Dry Finishing Spray

Similar to it's "sister" product, Dry Texture Spray, the Thick Dry Finishing spray adds volume, texture, and a tiiiny bit of hold to the hair. I love this one in the winter because it's not as drying as the other one can be.

skin // OMOROVICZA Moor Cream Cleanser

I have normal-to-dry skin so as soon as the temperature gets cooler my skin starts losing it's moisture majorly. That's when I start incorporating cream cleansers and oils back into my regimen. This one by Omorovicza is equally therapeutic & purifying. Great for all skin types too.

fragrance // BURBERRY Women Eau De Parfum

I haven't been able to stop wearing this fragrance. Johnny actually picked this one out for me on his own. He completely surprised me with his ability to pick out what would become my absolute favorite scent. It's warm, a tad masculine + spicy...if you haven't, I challenge you to find a good warm/masculine scent this winter. It's the best!

Fall Beauty Essentials 2017

For makeup in the winter, I love a minimal look with an edge. A softer shade of bronzer, smudged eyeliner or eye gloss, with a deeper nude, matte lip is all I need to feel totally effortless, cool-girl...

eyes // KEVYN AUCOIN Moonlight Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss

This is my ultimate go-to when I'm either rushed or can't be bothered with eye makeup. I've bragged on this product before, but I'm kind of obsessed, sooo you need it. Although it's overall texture isn't sticky or tacky it is glossy, so I like to wear this when my hair is styled more out of my face.

eyes // TRISH MCEVOY Intense Gel Eye Liner*

On days that I'm not wearing the gloss, I like to keep my eyes defined by smudging eyeliner at the base of my lashes and applying a thick coat of mascara. This liner is perfect for this technique because it's super soft and creamy but then sets in place after a minute, so work one eye at a time with this one.

cheeks // TOM FORD Terra Bronzing Powder

My skin gets pretty pale in the fall/winter months so I always opt for a more subtle bronzer, this one by Tom Ford is utterly perfect. It's just enough warmth and pigmentation to sweep over the face and neck for a natural glow, and can we talk about the packaging?? LOVE!

complexion // MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oil

Use a few drops mixed in with your daily moisturizer, mix a drop or 2 with your foundation, or even apply directly to the skin with fingertips for moisture, added glow, and soothing hydration. I adore this product and use it differently depending on my skin and the look I'm trying to achieve.

lips // SMASHBOX Safe Word Matte Lipstick*

I'm a 'nude's' girl, always have been, (probably) always will be. But in the winter I reach for more of a deep nude to add a bit of drama/depth to my look. There are sooo many lipsticks out there, but I come back to Smashbox again and again. It's a comfortable wear and the colors are beautiful.

There you have it, my complete guide for all things beauty this fall/winter season. What are you using as of late? Any updates in your beauty regimen with the changing of season? Alsooo, I know it's been forever since I've posted, I would love to write up a life update for y'all. A lot has changed in my world and I would be happy to share a little more about it. Hope to talk again soon(er than later).


>>> Products marked with an '*' were given as gratis. My opinions are 100% mine and are not influenced by any company mentioned above.

Current Bedside Essentials

Every night before drifting off to sleep I find myself reaching for a certain few items that make me feel better, sleep better, and end the day on a good note. I like to call these things my bedside essentials. To make my life a little easier, they're always within an arms reach of my bed so I can simply grab for them after I'm already snuggled up in bed.

Bedside Essentials | Blush + Soul
Bedside Essentials | Blush + Soul


This product is mostly used for setting makeup and tightening the appearance of pores, however I like to sometimes use this at night right after putting on moisturizer. Sephora's website says, "it contains essential oils and plant extracts to clarify and brighten the collection". It also has a nice calming scent that is perfect in the evening. I also like Fix + by MAC.

My skin is naturally dry, but even more so in the Winter months. I honestly can't stand the feeling of lotion on the palms of my hands (haha, weird I know), but I love this one because it is a thick, non-greasy formula, and has a subtle, clean scent. It's also prettyyy expensive for a hand cream because of all it's anti-aging properties. However, it's lasted me a long time because I keep it on my bedside table and only use it at night.

This is an absolute MUST for me. It's something I use every single night before going to sleep. I use lots of different ones but the Sugar Lip Treatment is a luxurious lip balm that is nourishing and silk smooth on the lips. It has a nice citrus scent that is fresh and unexpected. It claims to provide 6 hours of moisture which a just awesome, Again, this one isn't cheap for a lip balm so I tend to just use this at night, rather than all throughout the day.

Bedside Essentials | Blush + Soul

I simply love that this a even a thing. With essential oils everywhere now this is a nifty, little product to help you on those sleepless nights, Lavender essential oils are known for calming and soothing. A couple of sprays of this and you'll be dozing off in no time.

I got this for Christmas and I love it! It's a huge bottle and has actual rosebud petals inside. Multi-use oils can be used on skin, hair, or nails to add moisture and shine. I typically use this on my nails & cuticles but lately my skin has been so dry that I've been patting just a few drops (to not get greasy) of this onto my face every night. I'm loving it.

There's something about laying in your bed at night that brings out all kinds of thoughts, for me at least. Another Christmas gift, this list making journal is full of fun and insightful list to make each week of the year. The imagery is beautiful and it's perfect to do before bed for some "me time" and reflection.

You may think including a pen in this post is silly but I am a serious pen & pencil lover. I have been ever since I was little. I used to ask for school supplies for Christmas okay? Anyway, you need a pen to write in your journal with. My favorites have an extra fine point, and I've been using this one by Pilot for a couple of years now and can be found scattered around my apartment.

Having my phone as a bedside essential is pretty obvious, when do we not have our phones by our side? I use it as my alarm clock and I can't deny that checking social media is part of my nightly ritual. Last but not least, I keep the headphones close because I end my night every night, talking or face-timing with my boyfriend who is 900 miles away. After hanging up, another layer of lip balm and then click, out goes the light and I drift off the sleep.

What are your current bedside essentials? Tell me about your nightly ritual...