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On My List - Winter Wardrobe

Today I'm introducing a new series called, On My List, where I show you several items that I'm currently loving but haven't had a chance to purchase. The series could include fashion things (like today), home decor things, makeup things... whatever I'm lusting over basically. Starting with fashion, here are my current winter wardrobe items on my list.

winter wardrobe

Seriously guys, backpacks have made a come back and I am so excited about it. I like ones that don't have a traditional shape, like this one from asos. It looks like a nice tote, but with the convenience of a backpack.

1. ASOS backpack

I've had my eyes on these gloves since before Christmas and now that it's actually starting to get cold down here in the south, I feel like I need these. They are so cool, and anything gray + faux leather-- gimme!

2. Urban Outfitters gloves

These beauties have been all over my blog feed lately. Being 5'9, it's rare if I wear heels and these are the perfect solution. fancy and chic, but flat and comfortable.

3. ASOS lace up flats

This is one of those staple items that everyone needs in their wardrobe and I'm sad to say I haven't gotten around to purchasing yet. Not to mention, this is a great transitional piece for winter to spring. I really like how this one isn't super structured and looks very comfortable.

4. ASOS trench coat


I'm honestly ashamed to tell you I don't own a pair of white skinnies *hides face in shame*. As neutral as I keep my wardrobe, a white pair of skinny jeans is an absolute must. These ones from UO are perfect and I'm loving knee cutouts in jeans lately, anyone else?

5. Urban Outfitters white skinny jeans

These are another item that's been "on my list" for a while now. Over the knee boots make a statement and can turn a simple outfit into an "oh hey girllll" outfit real quick, and who doesn't want that?

6. Macy's over the knee boots

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What winter wardrobe items have been "on your list" lately?